4 Amazing Racine County Bike Trails

Whether you are a local Racine County resident, a city mouse eager for a quick getaway, or an avid biker touring the country for that perfect ride, Racine County bike trails provide a diverse landscape for anyone traveling on two wheels.

To save you time (because we know most of you like to go fast) we compiled a short, sweet list of trails located throughout Racine County. From the stop-and-go tempo of the Downtown Racine area, to the sweet summer breeze you feel flying along the coast of Lake Michigan, Racine County bike trails will challenge you, reward you, and leave you wanting to go further.

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Root River Pathway

"Connecting Historic Neighborhoods to Scenic Parklands"

This 4-mile excursion through Racine County offers the best of both worlds:

Downtown Cityscape

Outdoor Adventure

The Root River Pathway traces along the banks of the Root River. On the east end you’ll experience the shores of Lake Michigan and to the west you’ll end up at Colonial Park on the western edge of the City limits.

For the inquisitive rider, there are educational signposts along the Root River Pathway that share the history of Racine’s famous waterway as well as suggested resolutions to preserve its natural beauty. This trail is perfect for a nonstop cruise from beginning to end, but with nearby access to over 20 parks and recreational areas, it’s no wonder why riders like to take their time.

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Lake Michigan Pathway
"It's a nice enjoyable ride along the Racing lakefront, but be prepared for steep hills you have to go up and it can be a challenge for some. You'll enjoy the ride down them though and it also goes past the Racine Zoo always interesting to go ride past there. It's a nice ride and buzzing with activity and trail users and some nice sights to enjoy that make the ride enjoyable, but be prepared for the hills. Happy riding everyone!"

Serving both commuters and sightseers, the Lake Michigan Pathway runs along gorgeous stretches of Lake Michigan coastline, a vibrant, revitalized downtown district and about 10 miles of the best destinations throughout the eastside of Racine.

With six parking areas located along this 10-mile trail, you can begin your journey at the most convenient location of choice. Near the north end of the trail you can stop by the Racine Zoo for a quick visit with your favorite animals. As you head south you’ll pass along the white sand of North Beach, listed No. 1 on the 15 Best Beaches in Wisconsin, by @TheCrazyTourist —>

Be prepared for some challenging hills along the north end of the trail, and always stay alert for pedestrians, as you will cross through several populated areas. Overall, the Lake Michigan Pathway is the perfect trail for lakeview lovers and riders who want to explore Downtown Racine.

Seven Waters Trail

(Images courtesy of Trail Link and can be found here)

The Seven Waters Trail was originally three trails:

  1. Burlington
  2. Waterford-Wind Lake
  3. Norway

Eventually they were stitched together thanks to Racine County’s bike path system. Running north-south, this 14-mile trail traverses along the scenic Fox River, the second longest river in the state of Wisconsin. Seven Waters Trail will navigate you through the neighborhoods of Western Racine County’s Burlington, Rochester, Waterford and Wind Lake.

Cruise through quaint community parks, venture into the thick of sun-blocking forests, and open the throttle on the magnificently vast country roads of Western Racine County. For those looking to explore a variety of sights in rural Southeast Wisconsin, the Seven Waters Trail is a prime tour of community, nature and pure openness.

Racine – Sturtevant Trail

This 3.5-mile jaunt is one of the only off-road trails in Racine County extending west from the City of Racine. The Racine-Sturtevant Trail parallels an abandoned railway for most of its course. This trail is also one of the shortest in the County, making it ideal for the average bike rider and those looking for a quick excursion.

With its short distance, and straight structure, the Racine – Sturtevant Trail caters effectively for those with children, young and old. Once you and the family reach the eastern edge of the trail, don’t forget to spend a little time at the historic N. Owen Davies Park. In conclusion, the Racine – Sturtevant trail is a short, sweet, open ride you can speed through or creep along and enjoy with some company.

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