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Greater Racine County (GRC), a partnership with Racine County, the Racine County Economic Development Corporation (RCEDC) and Real Racine, highlights and promotes the abundance of opportunities available in Racine County for individuals, families, workers and employers who decide to “take root” in Racine County.  This effort is made possible through community partnerships with our municipalities, educational institutions, businesses, civic institutions and the Racine Community Foundation. 

Talent Recruitment Campaign | 2019 - Present

About the Campaign

The GRC Digital Recruitment Campaign started in 2019. The goal of this campaign is to highlight the abundance of opportunities to live, work and take root in Racine County – with the long-term goal of increasing Racine County’s overall talent pool.

Evolution of the Campaign

The goal of the awareness campaign was to allow our audience to identify the Greater Racine County brand and understand the resources this initiative can offer.

The goal of the employment campaign was to drive traffic to the Greater Racine County job board while promoting the concept of career opportunity in Racine County.

The goal of the quality of life campaign was to harness first-person stories about life in Racine County and deliver these stories to our audience.

The goal of the tourism campaign is to share all the unique experiences available in Racine County and invite people to explore our community, before they move here or work here.

The goal of the manufacturing campaign is to highlight Racine County as a hub for manufacturing talent with the overarching goal to increase Racine County’s talent pool.

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