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MORE: Financial Freedom to Do the Things We Love

Living in Racine means we’re not living paycheck to paycheck. We have more walking trails than anywhere I’ve ever lived. Racine is a place where we’re still able to do the work we love to do, and for the first time we’re not looking to move again.

MORE: Space to Enjoy A Lower Cost of Living

Moving to Racine County lets you get a little more house for your dollar, a little more elbow space. The slightly lower pace of living and less traffic, makes for a less stressful life.

MORE: Bedtime Stories from Your Second Story

With housing dollars that go further and an average commute of just 22 minutes, you can make it home to your two-story and have time to read a second story.

MORE: Chances to Work in A Clean Room and Play in A Messy One

With over 2,500 STEM jobs predicted by 2020 and a lower cost of living, you can experience rewarding days at work and enjoyable evenings at home.

MORE: Reasons to Leave Your Scrubs in the Car

With an abundance of available healthcare jobs and lots of great beaches, work isn’t the only place you’ll be set.

MORE: Ways to Shift Gears After Your Shift is Over

We’re just as much a great place to work as we are to play.

MORE: Opportunities to Make A Living and Have A Life

With an abundance of available healthcare jobs and a variety of local flavors, this is where you can make a living and have a life.


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