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Outdoors Fun Year-Round

The beauty of Racine County’s outdoors goes much further than changing leaves, crystal clear lakes and snowfalls. We welcome our distinct four seasons and embrace the outdoors by making the most of what nature offers us. 

In Racine County, we can go off-roading on a mountain bike or leisurely pedal endless miles of flat bike trails with your family. In Racine County, we can go sailing one day and wake up the next to spend hours reeling in a lure. 

In Racine County, we can do it all—because throughout the year, we have it all.


Bikers, hikers and anglers alike rejoice as the trails clear and lakes warm. All that is needed to enjoy springtime in Racine County is a light jacket and appreciation for the outdoors.

Racine Beaches


Whether boating on our freshwater lakes, soaking in the sun on our Lake Michigan beaches, or paddling down our rivers, summer entertainment is endless.


Colorful leaves, apple picking, pumpkin patches and farmer’s markets are just a few of the fall delights in Racine County, a favorite for many.


Outdoor recreation doesn’t slow down in winter – with abundant trails and hills for skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling, while others head to the lakes for ice fishing. 

Biking, Hiking, Horseback Riding & Skiing

Greater Racine County trails allow you to bike, hike, horseback ride, and/or cross-country ski. The trail map also shows parking availability as well as trail heads access. 

Our interactive map includes information from various hard copy maps from Racine County, hard copy maps from local municipalities, websites from Trail Link, and websites from the Department of Transportation.

The Great Racine Outdoors

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