• Beth Heidorn
  • Executive Director
  • Racine Zoo
More About Me

Beth grew up in Mankato, Minn. She interned at the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley, Minn. in the summer of 1983 and stayed until January 1997. After almost 15 years at the Minnesota Zoo, she left to open a new aquarium in Long Beach, Calif. called the Aquarium of the Pacific. From there she worked as the Director of Education for the Los Angeles Zoo and then became the Global Director of Education for Dolphin Quest in San Diego. After that she became the Director of Education at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and then served for a short time as General Manager of Jungle Island in Miami.

Beth's desire to be closer to family brought her to the Racine Zoo. She believes everyone should experience the Racine Zoo at least once in their lifetime. Beth became a GRC ambassador because she wants to let everyone know how much the Racine Zoo rocks and she loves her new adopted home county. Beth moved to Racine County in 2015 and says it reminds her of her hometown in Minnesota. After traveling all over the country, Beth truly loves the Midwest.

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