• Stacy Tapp
  • Chief of Communication and Community Engagement
  • Racine Unified School District
More About Me

Meet Stacy Tapp, Chief of Communication & Community Engagement for the Racine Unified School District.

As a mom of young kids, one of Stacy’s favorite things to do is visit the Racine Zoo because it is a fabulous, family-friendly, local venue with amazing views.

Originally from Slinger, Wis. Stacy has grown to love Racine County because it is such a beautifully diverse community and she appreciates taking part in helping to move Racine forward.

To anyone interested in moving to Racine County, Stacy would say, “Racine is a hidden gem. We have so much to offer all people – diverse restaurants, a downtown scene, a gorgeous lakefront, our own zoo, and a caring, welcoming community of people.”

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