Off-duty workers, law enforcement lip sync Montgomery Gentry song

Over 80 law enforcement officers, business owners, and city, county and state workers participated in a lip sync of Montgomery Gentry‘s song My Town.

Jodie Ruffalo, whose husband Troy Ruffalo serves on the Racine County Sheriff’s Department, put the video together with the help of videographer Tony Fumo. She acknowledges that there is a lot of “stuff going on” in the city, but she didn’t want to give any fuel to the fire, she said.

“It was important for us to do because right now because I feel like we’re not together as a community and we are splitting apart,” Jodie said. “We have a lot of jobs here and a lot of hardworking people. It’s important for people to stop focusing on the negative.”

The whole video was shot while the employees were off-duty, which was a bit difficult to schedule, Jodie said.

The video took about four days to put together and features scenes of North Beach, K-9s, Monument Square, county highway workers, the Racine Heritage MuseumLinwood Park in Caledonia, Racine County District Attorney Tricia Hanson, the City of Racine Department of Public Works, Callens Restaurant in Union Grove, and a variety of other areas in the county.

“We need to focus on what we do have instead of what we don’t have,” she said. “I wanted to bring the community together.”


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