ROCHESTER, WI – After years of exploring what the world had to offer, Scott Chenier moved back home to Racine County – one of the few communities where, he says, you actually know your neighbor. Chenier met his partner, opened his own small, boutique store – Fox and Fork – and has enjoyed his new journey here, in Racine County.

Scott grew up outside the Village of Waterford, a smaller community located along the Fox River on the western edge of Racine County.

After spending his early years at St. Thomas Aquinas Grade School, he attended Waterford High School, recently ranked No. 5 on’s 50 Wisconsin Public High Schools With The Best Teachers For 2020. Before making his exodus from the Badger State, Scott earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. The ensuing years of Scott’s adult life consisted of traveling and giving theatrical performances across the country, which included relocating to the Chicago metropolitan area.

Scott Chenier, owner of Rochester's boutique store, Fox and Fork, located at 203 W Main St.
Fox and Fork Wine
Fox and Fork sells a variety of household items, including wine made locally and throughout the world

He also spent time performing on cruise ships, city hopping, and essentially living out of his suitcase. He moved back to Rochester in 2004 to live closer to family, save money and settle into a home. About 10 years later, in the fall of 2014, Scott was presented an opportunity to sell the items he collected throughout his travels in a shop located on Main Street in Rochester. This opportunity quickly turned into a full-time passion.

“I have too many family and friends to list who have given me the encouragement, love and support to make this shop a reality,” said Chenier. “I am humbled and so appreciative of this opportunity to be my own boss. My hope is to continue creating within the shop and seek out meaningful items that my customers can enjoy.”

With his extensive background in customer service and hospitality, Scott tries to provide an inviting experience to every person who enters his shop.

Aerial view of downtown Rochester

“The shop is quaint, charming and located in a historic town whose backdrop sets a tone to provide all the qualities which make me feel at home,” said Chenier. “I do my best to be authentic, genuine and accommodating.”

It was Scott’s love for his community which brought him home, but it is the support and encouragement from his friends and family which allows him to continue to live out his passion in a small shop outside the Village of Waterford, in Racine County.