Everything is just pleasant in Mount Pleasant for the Kennedy family

Dr. Debbie Reddick Kennedy and her husband Dr. Marc Kennedy were both born and raised in Chicago, and currently reside in the Village of Mount Pleasant with their two daughters. Debbie previously owned a dental practice in Chicago that she commuted to-and-from their home in Mount Pleasant for 19 years, before opening Blue Door Dental in Racine.

“It was a lot of back and forth,” said Marc. “We are so happy that has ceased. It’s incredible the amount of traffic that is down there now.”

Marc is a physician who, among several other reasons, moved to Racine County because he identified that the income for his profession was much higher in a community like Mount Pleasant than the big city of Chicago.

As for Debbie, living in Mount Pleasant helped her appreciate the decrease in stress, the amount of space and green grass in Racine County and the lower cost of living her family enjoys.

“We can afford to send our kids to get a great education,” Debbie said. “Living in this town we’ve discovered that we can eat well and educate our children well – we don’t have to choose one or the other.”

Before moving to Mount Pleasant, neither Marc nor Debbie truly knew the open nature of the Racine County area, but now that they established their roots, they can’t imagine going back.

“When I go to Chicago now, I really want to come back home,” Debbie said. “I want the space and the green grass and the trees and the flowers. I just fell in love with the area.”