Why Downtown Racine

Retail growth over the past three years and pending major housing and hotel developments have prompted downtown’s “Racine-aissance.” The boom began in 2018 with 23 new business openings and another 24 new restaurants, shops and service companies in 2019 along with 10 new businesses in 2020, despite the challenges of COVID-19, filling once empty storefronts with new vibrancy. 

Downtown Racine is now home to more than 40 restaurants, pubs and coffeehouses, over 50 retail shops and galleries and three museums. More than 60 days of events scheduled for 2021 will draw regional traffic to downtown, further expanding the local customer base.


Downtown Racine is conveniently located in the heart of the city along the shores of Lake Michigan and strategically located within the Chicago/Milwaukee corridor.


Downtown Racine is an attractive, exciting and convenient shopping destination for not only local residents, but also for shoppers from nearby Milwaukee and northern Chicago suburbs.


Downtown Racine has a balanced mix of retail, restaurant and service businesses including multiple galleries, 3 museums and 5 jewelry stores.