Why you get 'more bang for your dollar' in Racine County

John Baker, Jr., president of EC Styberg, explains how Racine County has become a hub of manufacturing, innovation, and opportunity - and how relocators can get more bang for their dollar

CITY OF RACINE, WI – John Baker, Jr., president of the City of Racine’s EC Styberg, grew up across the street from the company. Baker witnessed firsthand how Racine County has progressed into a hub of manufacturing, innovation and opportunity.

“Mr. Styberg came from Sweden in the early 1900s,” said Baker. “And the Racine County area was the innovation area of the United States.”

john baker jr president of ec styberg racine

Having relatives who relocated from the Greater Chicago area Рspecifically, Paletine РBaker also understands how high the cost of living is down there and how much further a career in manufacturing provides someone in Racine County.

This balance of progress, innovation, opportunity and affordability is what has kept Baker in Racine County for decades.

When asked what would he say to someone thinking about moving to Racine County, Baker said, “Coming to Racine probably would be their smartest choice. You can get a lot more bang for your dollar in Racine County.”