Racine County parks continue to experience a renaissance.

If you’re a pickleball player, you’ll be excited to hear that the new courts at Pritchard Park are now open.

Just this year, Racine County added Franksville Park to its portfolio, and it has become a destination for area families. County Executive Delagrave will continue to look for ways to enhance the quality of amenities at this park and work with partners to make this one of the best parks in the region.

franksville park
Kids connection at Franksville Park


  • Root River Parkway/Horlick Property
  • Quarry Lake Park
  • Len Ziolkowski Harbor Park & Reefpoint Marina
  • Bushnell Park
  • Case Eagle Park
  • Colonel Heg Memorial Park
  • Eagle Lake Park
  • Einer Fischer Park
  • Old Settler's Park
  • W.R. Wadewitz Nature Park
  • Cliffside Park
  • Pritchard Park
  • Sanders Park
  • Haban Park
  • John Margis Wildlife Area
  • River Bend Nature Center
  • Saller Woods
  • SC Johnson Community Aquatics Center
  • Browns Lake Golf Course
  • Ives Grove Golf Course

One innovative solution to improve the experience of campers and park goers is the proposed purchase of a log splitter. Thanks to the hardworking parks team for proposing the idea of splitting logs on-site and selling firewood at campgrounds to reinvest in park operations.

The County is ready to move forward with a new facility for Quarry Lake, requesting $3 million to take the next step in the Quarry Lake and Pritchard Park projects. When the Pritchard Park concepts were conceived, it was a multi-year and multi-phase project, and the development of additional parking and redevelopment of a baseball diamond is the next step.

Quarry Lake Park in the City of Racine

Another capital investment proposed in the 2023 budget is a splash pad in the Village of Union Grove. The splash pad would provide a recreational opportunity for youth on the west end.

Over the last eight years, Racine County parks have undergone a renaissance. They serve as a great attraction for tourism and an asset as new workers and families continue relocating to Racine County.

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