commuting to and from work in racine county

Commuting To & From Work in Racine County

Whether you live or work here, Racine County is a great location for businesses and residents

RACINE COUNTY, WI – On any given day there are nearly 25,000 inbound commuters working in Racine County. These commuters reside primarily in neighboring counties such as Walworth, Kenosha and Milwaukee, as well as McHenry and Lake Counties in Illinois.

Nick LoCicero, Human Resources Manager at Racine’s Knapp Manufacturing, has been commuting from outside of the area to Caledonia for 25 years. Nick credits the longevity of his career at Knapp to the company’s talent retention efforts, as well as the easy commute.

“From the west end of Oak Creek, almost in Franklin, it’s pretty easy to get to Caledonia,” said LoCicero. “It’s an easy commute for people who live in Milwaukee County to travel south, especially to avoid the challenge of Milwaukee County traffic.”

racine county corridor map
Nick Lacicero
Nick LoCicero, Human Resources Manager at Racine’s Knapp Manufacturing, has been commuting from Oak Creek to the Racine County area for 25 years

From Walworth County, just west of Racine County, commuters enjoy the beauty of the rural area and the ease of travel via State and local highways.

Matt Janisin, Vice President of Business and Workforce Solutions at Gateway Technical College (GTC) has been commuting from Elkhorn to Sturtevant for the past 10 years via Highway 11.

“I am honestly living in the best of both worlds. My family and I love the rural culture and atmosphere out here in Elkhorn, yet we understand how valuable a career in Racine County is. Commuting is easy, the work is great, and I can’t think of a better situation for my family.”
Matt Janisin
Vice President of Business and Workforce Solutions, Gateway Technical College

In contrast to the talent commuting to Racine County for their careers, on any given day there are more than 50,000 Racine County residents that travel to work outside of the area.

One example is Ben Roesler, the Community and Economic Development Director for the Village of Lincolnshire (Illinois) who lives in the City of Burlington with his wife Amy, and their two-year-old son, Robert. Roesler enjoys the amenities and advantages of life in Racine County while maintaining his career elsewhere.

“Burlington is an incredible community where our family can afford space to breathe and just enjoy life,” said Roesler. “Commuting in and out of Racine County is easy and has allowed me to remain at a job that I love, while affording us a better life in Racine County.”

For those that choose Racine County as their home, they enjoy the benefits of a lower cost of living. According to’s Places to Live, the median home value in Racine County is $187,000 as compared to the national average of $229,800. The median rent in Racine County is $874 as compared to the national average of $1,096.

Whether you choose to live in the area or outside of Racine County, the Greater Racine County job board has more than 400 open positions ready for commuters or residents to apply.

Ben Roesler with wife, Amy and son, Robert

Greater Racine County (GRC) is an initiative of the Racine County Economic Development Corporation (RCEDC)  that highlights and promotes the many positive assets of Racine County for those who decide to take root in Racine County.

We encourage visitors to explore Racine County, stay a while, and enjoy our communities.

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