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We’re so glad you’ve decided to learn more about Racine County and all we have to offer. Whether you choose to live or work here – we have a spot for you!

    Racine County ReLocation Guide 2023

    Rural Retreats

    Urban Life

    Urban Life

    Single Family

    Suburban Living

    Lakeview Apartments

    Lakeshore oasis

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    The Right Fit For You

    Nearly 200,000 residents call one of Racine County’s 17 unique communities home. Whether you prefer an urban neighborhood, 

    downtown living, a suburban subdivision or acres of rural space, one of Racine County’s cities, towns or villages will be the right fit for you.

    Downtown Racine

    City Life

    Downtown Racine is a unique and vibrant lakefront community. The city boasts boutiques, art galleries, international cuisine and museums – all with a touch of historic charm.

    Back Porch View

    Suburban Living

    Racine County’s suburbs boast great neighborhoods and tight-knit communities with easy access to everything the city and country have to offer.

    Rural Retreats

    Looking for a slower pace of life? Western Racine County is home to rural communities where you can peruse antique shops, picnic at a local park, check out a famers market, enjoy a lazy day by the water, or simply unplug and relax!

    Racine Beaches

    On the Water

    In addition to sitting on the shores of Lake Michigan, Racine County is home to 20 lakes! Relax to the sounds of the rolling waves, enjoy an afternoon of fishing or get on the water for some water sports.