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Greater Racine County offers plenty of opportunities that increase your quality of life without compromising affordability. With better career opportunities, diverse housing options, and a low cost of living, you can enjoy the great Midwest living experience without breaking your budget. You can take our word for it or just ask the neighbors. The character, diversity, talent, and resolve of the people in Racine County is what makes this community great!

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Moving to Racine County is easier than you think. But if you need more, here are three major incentives: abundance of career opportunities, increased quality of life (especially for families), and a significantly lower cost of living.

Greater Racine County (GRC) is an initiative of the Racine County Economic Development Corporation (RCEDC)  that highlights and promotes the many positive assets of Racine County for those who decide to take root in Racine County.

We encourage visitors to explore Racine County, stay a while, and enjoy our communities.

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