Meet Your Neighbor: Mitch Bruner

Mitch Bruner said Wisconsin was the easiest move he's ever made.

Illinois native describes his relocation to Wisconsin - because of manufacturing job opportunities - as the easiest move he's ever made

RACINE COUNTY, WI – Still adapting to the stability of his new work-life balance, Mitch Bruner, now a service technician at Racine’s Fischer USA, describes his relocation from Illinois to Wisconsin as the easiest move he’s ever made.

Bruner, along with his wife Hanna and two dogs – Remi and Mosin – relocated from Spring Grove, Ill. because the area lacked career opportunities. Recognizing the abundance of job availability in Racine County, especially in manufacturing, Bruner applied for his current position, got the job, found a new home, and relocated – all within a few weeks.

“I’m able to have quite a larger residence, for not much more money,” said Bruner – describing his new home in Wisconsin. “That right there is probably the biggest problem I think most people have. And having room for the dogs is nice.”

mitch bruner

Mitch Bruner

Fischer USA

Manufacturing is something Mitch said he just fell into because he used to work on cars. He considers himself lucky to be working in the field and finds the most joy in admiring the completion of a project.

“If you’re asking what I get the most out of [manufacturing] – a done product that works,” said Bruner. “Being able to spend that much time on something and then see it spin around at 120,000 RPMs is pretty satisfying.”

mitch bruner fischer usa racine county manufacturing job

A nomad in a sense, Mitch’s former role moved him all over Illinois, restricting his desire to settle down and enjoy a slower pace of life. When Mitch moved to Wisconsin, he immediately noticed less congestion, and said there wasn’t as much traffic as what he was used to.

A stable career, a job he enjoys, and a pair of pooches waiting in his new home – Mitch Bruner chose Racine County and encourages others to make the move.

“Racine County is just easier, I’d say,” said Bruner.

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