Meet Your Neighbor: Max Zuleta of Art Below Zero

Max Zuleta, a world renowned ice sculptor, chose Racine County for the ease of access, lower taxes and better schools.

Max's mesmerizing ice sculptures, which range from intricately carved wedding centerpieces to dazzling ice bars for special events, are in high demand.

RACINE COUNTY, WI – Max Zuleta, the renowned ice sculptor, embarked on a life-changing journey when he relocated to Racine County in pursuit of enhanced opportunities for both his business, Art Below Zero, and his children’s education. With a stellar reputation in the world of ice sculpting, Max felt that a move to a new location would not only open doors for his artistic endeavors but also provide a better future for his family. The decision to uproot his life was not made lightly, but it was fueled by a profound commitment to his craft and the well-being of his children.


Max’s artistic talents shine brightly throughout the region. The vibrant arts scene in Racine County welcomed Max with open arms, offering him opportunities to collaborate with local businesses and showcase his exceptional craftsmanship at various events. Simultaneously, Max’s children benefited from the county’s excellent educational institutions, receiving the well-rounded education he had envisioned for them.

Max’s story is a testament to the transformative power of determination and the pursuit of better opportunities for one’s family. As he continues to flourish as an ice sculptor, Racine County has become not only a place of artistic inspiration but also a loving home where dreams were nurtured and achieved. Max’s legacy in the community serves as a source of inspiration for those who aspire to create a better future through talent, hard work, and a dedication to family.

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