Modine Manufacturing’s Ashley Conley Chose Racine County to Move Up

Ashley Conley is a born and raised Racine County resident, who moved away for college, but returned for the career opportunities, convenient location, incredible food, and the sense of community pride felt by residents and visitors.

Conly is a product manager and part of a growing division at Modine Manufacturing Company, located in the City of Racine. Conley says that for the past several years, her division has been adding a lot of job opportunities and has welcomed many interns.

Originally from the City of Racine, Conley attended the University of Mississippi. While she had opportunities to remain in Mississippi or further her career elsewhere, she chose to return to Racine County.

“What brought me back home to Racine, Wisconsin really is the community and the people. People in Racine are second to none.”
ashley conley modine manufacturing
Ashley Conley
Product Manager

One of the main elements Conley enjoys about Racine – besides the people – is the convenient location between Chicago and Milwaukee. According to Google Maps, travel from downtown Racine to downtown Milwaukee is approximately 30 minutes. Racine to Chicago is approximately 90 minutes.

“The nice thing about being in Racine is you don’t have the hustle and bustle of being in a big city,” said Conley. “But you’re close enough to where if you want to feel the hustle and bustle, you can go there when you feel like it.”

Conley is also very proud of the small business community, including the diverse food offerings from restaurants owners throughout the County.

“We really have some good quality, strong, family-owned businesses here in Racine that have made a name for themselves,” said Conley. “That’s something to be really proud of.”

For over 10 years, Conley has been a member of the New Covenant Church, where she enjoys raising donation efforts to help homeless people and others in need throughout her community.

Conley said, “It goes back to the idea that we’re all giving back because we want to strengthen the Racine County community.”

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