Meet Your Neighbor: Dr. Abey Kuruvilla

Dr. Abey Kuruvilla chose Racine County for the people, the culture and the opportunity.

A professor, entrepreneur and world traveler - Abey Kuruvilla could live anywhere, but chose Racine County

RACINE COUNTY, WI – Dr. Abey Kuruvilla is originally from Kerala, India, but has called Racine County his home since 2007. Abey is a college professor and entrepreneur who leads annual trips to Italy and India for both students and community members.

He also owns one of the top Airbnb locations in the area, which was recently featured as one of the Best Treehouse rentals in Wisconsin.

Kuruvilla earned his Ph.D. from the University of Louisville in Industrial Engineering and arrived in the Racine area as a visiting professor. When offers started coming in for tenure track positions, Kuruvilla chose to stay in Racine County and call it his permanent home.

Today, Kuruvilla and his wife – with their two young children and his parents – live and work in Racine County. “The opportunities and friends that Racine County brought to us is overwhelming, and it felt like home from the get-go.”

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